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How can I tell how much space a sync will need?

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  • How can I tell how much space a sync will need?

    I'm a new user and have a question regarding how I can tell how much space will be required on a target drive to do a folder synchronization.

    I see that the Synchronize Preview window shows how many files will be copied/deleted but not the space that will be required. I plan to synchronize hard disk folders to removable media and want to be sure the target has enough space before starting the operation.

    If the target space prior to deleting orphans is not large enough to handle the updates, but things would fit after the deletions is that handled automatically or do I need a step to first remove the orphans?

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    Re: How can I tell how much space a sync will need

    The Sync commands don't have a size display built in, although this is on our list for a future version of BC.

    BC displays the number and size of visible files on the status bar. This size display only includes the size of files in expanded folders.

    To get an idea of the size of files to be synced, View|Expand All, then View|Display Filters|Left Side Newer and Orphans. The size in the status bar should be the approximate size of files the sync commands will copy.
    Chris K Scooter Software