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MAJOR ERROR syncing with 2.4.1 - [resolved]

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  • MAJOR ERROR syncing with 2.4.1 - [resolved]

    Using BC 2.4.1 on WinXP Pro...

    I have been using Beyond Compare for a couple years and have loved using it. Today was my first big problem with the software, and boy, was it a big one...

    I use backup/imaging software Acronis True Image. I had backup images on two different Maxtor external USB hard drives. I wanted to "roll back" to an older version today, and created a new version (present snapshot) in case anything went wrong. In total, there were 4 backup images in the directory I was working with.

    Now there are zero.

    They are gone.....

    I had both USB drives connected to my Thinkpad laptop and wanted to sync some backup directories. I was syncing in one direction (left to right). The sync included some directories, some zip files, and in a few directories, some big image files for Acronis (.tib files).

    The sync seemed to be going along fine. When it got the second image file (about 2.5 gigs), things just seemed to stop. I had minimized BC, and couldn't get back to the progress window. The main screen (showing the directories) wouldn't take focus no matter where I clicked. Windows didn't appear taxed (CPU and memory use was normal). Just BC gone dormant.

    After a few minutes of this, I forcefully quit BC and restarted Windows (XP Pro). I figured that I'd worry about syncing the older image files later. The one I wanted to roll back to was not part of the sync.

    When Acronis started up, I went to select my backup file on the hard drive and THE DIRECTORY WAS EMPTY. Nothing was there.

    I quit Acronis and rebooted Windows. When I looked at the USB drive, sure enough, the directory that contained my Acronis images was now empty.

    This means that Beyond Compare not only clobbered the older files I was trying to sync, but ** also destroyed files that weren't part of copy **

    How can this be? Did the entire directory get corrupted?

    I've never seen this happen before and have used BC for copying/moving large files in the past.

    This is a pretty serious issue. I have lost all my backup files and cannot roll back to a previous state. All that work is gone...

    I'm pretty upset. And nervous about trusting Beyond Compare any more.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this before? How in the world could both source and destination get clobbered in a copy procedure? That doesn't seem a very safe way to do things...

    And how could files that were NOT part of a sync suddenly disappear?

    There were no errors of any kind, as reported here.

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    Re: MAJOR ERROR syncing with 2.4.1 - [resolved]

    OK, I'm not really sure what happened. I promise I'm not drinking and computing...

    Even though BC did show a blank directory for both sides, I just checked the directories again, and the source files are there. The copy/sync failed in the destination directory, but at least my backup files are there.

    Man, I was really scared there....


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      Re: MAJOR ERROR syncing with 2.4.1 - [resolved]

      Also sent by email:

      I just did a test and further investigation into this.

      On Fat16 file systems, the size limit is 2 GB. On Fat32 it should be 4 GB. I just tested with a Fat32 system, and copying a file over 4 GB in size from NTFS to Fat32 will fail, and if there is a smaller file with the same name on the target side it will be deleted.

      The copy and sync commands will behave the same way in regard to this problem. If a copy or sync fails, the file on the target side can be deleted.

      It sounds like the copy/sync failed for some reason, and that is why the files on the target drive were deleted.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Re: MAJOR ERROR syncing with 2.4.1 - [resolved]

        Thanks for looking into this. Chris - you've done a great job with support.

        As I replied via e-mail, none of the files I was dealing with were over 4 GB, although some were as large as 2.5 GB.

        Is it possible that BC2 was still working on the sync/copy? It looked to me like it had frozen - progress had stopped, memory and CPU resources were normal - just couldn't get focus on BC.


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          Re: MAJOR ERROR syncing with 2.4.1 - [resolved]

          It's pretty tough to know if BC froze completely, or if just BC's interface was frozen. If it wasn't using any CPU, then it is pretty likely it was completely frozen and wasn't still copying files.
          Chris K Scooter Software