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Does Next Difference finds invalid CRCs?

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  • Chris
    Re: Does Next Difference finds invalid CRCs?

    Next difference will cycle through files with CRC differences.

    If a folder is collapsed, next difference will only select the folder. It won't select files within the folder. To cycle through files within folders, View|Expand All before using Next Difference.

    Using View|Expand All, then filtering to display mismatches might also be faster than using Next Difference.

    Also, unless you have saved CRC values, binary comparison will be faster than CRC comparison. Zip files, snapshots, and FTP servers that support server side CRC generation are good candidates for CRC comparison. In most other cases you are better off using binary comparison.

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  • kevingpo
    started a topic Does Next Difference finds invalid CRCs?

    Does Next Difference finds invalid CRCs?

    I usually do a massive file/folder comparison on my local & external HD. I do the Compare Contents: Size & CRC checking. After a while BC completes. However there is no way for me to quickly find any CRC differences. Search Next Difference only points to orphans or file mismatches but not CRC mismatches. I had some CRC mismatches and there was no bold equals sign in between the files and Next Difference didn't point to it.