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Custom Sync not working

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  • Custom Sync not working

    I have one hard drive (J) I keep synched with two backup drives (K and L). I had been doing a custom sync and choosing "mirror left to right" whenever I added new files to the J drive.

    However, just recently, selecting this option instantly pops up a dialog box that says "Nothing to do" when trying to mirror to K drive (though it still works fine when trying to mirror to L drive). If I do a standard synchronize from left to right from K to L it works fine. However, I want to make sure that any junk that ends up on K is deleted so much prefer the mirror option. Any advice? Thanks

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    Re: Custom Sync not working

    See this article:

    If you've changed your comparison criteria, or have just selection or visible files checked, that might explain why files aren't syncing.
    Chris K Scooter Software