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  • BC features

    We've recently purchased BC2 and so far I must say I enjoy the product and how it is created. We love the "snapshot" feature and how fast folder listings load into the program.

    There are a few things I personally would want to see in a future release.

    1. Checkboxes
    Often we are worried about a small set of files from the list. Often we want to "sync" those files and then worry about the rest later on. I know you can select multiple files but I think checkboxes make it more obvious which files you have selected.

    2. Transfer From & Transfer To toolbar Buttons.
    In BC2, I notice that there is a "sync" left and right buttons but that is for every file in the folder. What we would want is the ability to select a few files and have a button that would allow the transfer of certain files going in the direction that you want. So if I select 10 files, I could hit the transfer left button and know that I'm transfering only those 10 files from the right folder to the left folder.

    Besides that, great job on the program and I'm looking forward to that 3 way merge in BC3!


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    Re: BC features

    Regarding your second point:

    Once you select the files, right click on the files you want to copy (lets say from left to right) so right click on the files you selected in the left pane and select the 'Copy...' option which will then let you copy the files to the right


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      Re: BC features

      1. We're considering this for the future. BC3 will have a revised file synchronization interface, and it might include something like this.

      2. You can change the default behavior of the sync to right and sync to left commands to only operate on selected files. The settings are in the Sync Options of Beyond Compare's Tools|Options dialog.
      Chris K Scooter Software