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  • feature request - open dialog

    Just about the only thing that bugs me about Beyond Compare is the Open dialog. Every single time I use it I go through this process:

    1. Type in a filename in the left box
    2. Type in a filename in the right box
    3. Realise that it's set to "Folders" not "Files", and click "Files
    4. Type in the filenames again

    (Or vice versa). Although you would think I would have learnt by now, I still ALWAYS do this and it's always annoying.

    It would be great if clicking the radio boxes did not empty the boxes to save me from my frustration!

    Would this be possible?



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    Re: feature request - open dialog

    We are reworking this area of the program for version 3.

    <You aren't alone. I always do this to.>

    One thing I usually do is I rarely use the Open dialog to input the files themselves. I use it as a launcher to pick the type I want to do, and then just enter the files/folders (or drag them over each pane) once the respective Viewer is open.
    You can also drag folders/files onto the shortcut, or onto the Open Dialog.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Re: feature request - open dialog

      Nice one, thank you! I'm very much looking forward to version 3!

      I'll try your other suggestions in the meantime. One thing I am beginning to use is the Windows Explorer menu extension to compare files/folders which is a really nice feature, but I've just got too used to going through the open window and it usually appears before I've thought about what I'm doing.