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  • Suggestion: Progress bar

    I would like to see a progress bar added to the UI. I have 10-12 BC icons set up to keep various disks and folders in sync. Some of them are very small and the compare is almost instantaneous. Others are very large and can take up to a minute to complete.

    To complicate matters further, most of these compares are across the LAN and access can take a few seconds to establish.

    More than once, I have cancelled a compare because I thought it was complete, when, in fact, it was waiting for access to the remote disk. If a progress bar were to pop up immediately, I would be able to see that it is not complete and not cancel a compare that I really need to run.

    I don't much care what it looks like and if some uisers don't want it, I have no problem making it a user setting with the default being off.


    PS: Is this the place to post suggestions?

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    Re: Suggestion: Progress bar

    The cancel button in the upper right corner should be Red instead of Gray when the compare is ongoing in the background, and when selected manually (from the right click menu) there is a progress bar.

    When you say cancel, do you mean close the application? Or clicking the cancel button during a background compare? If the button is still red then the program is still working.

    Side Note: We are changing the way some of this information is displayed in BC3. When the public beta is made available, you will be able to test the new interface.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Re: Suggestion: Progress bar

      I should have noticed that.

      That helps. It's a little obscure, but better than nothing.

      I still think a progress bar would be useful. I prefer positive indicators that cannot be easily missed or misunderstood. The users may not think like the developers.

      Make it an option of some don't like it.