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Cannot view files via ftp

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  • Cannot view files via ftp

    I'm comparing 2 folders on a Japanese Solaris 9 machine.
    But there are no files displayed.
    For example:
    ftp://[email protected]/

    It doesn't display my files.
    The Japanese version of BC2 didn't work as well.

    But I don't have this problem on an English Solaris 9 machine. Is this a bug?

    I tried tweaking the Advanced FTP settings,
    but I can't get it to work.

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    Re: Cannot view files via ftp

    Are you on an English client machine running Beyond Compare?
    If so, you may need to change your regional settings before connecting to the Japanese server.

    This article may help:

    We hope to release the BC3 beta in the coming weeks
    which will include support for unicode format filenames.

    Another quick test, can you connect to the Japanese server with another client (such as Filezilla)? If you continue to have trouble, can you send us a screenshot and your log to [email protected] ?
    Aaron P Scooter Software