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Comparing files solely based on file sizes

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  • Comparing files solely based on file sizes

    Hi guys, is there any way to compare files that have the same filesizes but different names? I have previously used beyond compare to do that with scripts etc... But it seems that I'm doing it more and more. This time, I accidentally renamed around 1000 files (it's easy to do in Windows Explorer), and would like to rename back to originals (there were approx 2500 original files), so I would just like to rename the 1000 non-orphans based on the original files....
    Not sure if I'm making sense, I'm sure someone else tried doing just the same? Any (automated) ideas? (or will this be my suggestion for new releases???!!!)

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    Re: Comparing files solely based on file sizes

    I'm afraid this is not a feature currently supported in Beyond Compare.

    It sounds like you 'mass' renamed your files previously. Is it possible you could use a regular expression to rename them back to the original naming convention? You can rename multiple files using a Dos mask or regular expression by highlighting multiple files, right click and select rename.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Re: Comparing files solely based on file sizes

      Thank you for your response. I understand what you're explaining with the regular expressions etc. unfortunately my original folder had photos and they were only selected pictures from the originals, therefore they had all different names and they were not sequential. See screenshot. On the left is the "original" folder, on the right, is the folder with selected pictures, but accidentaly renamed. Imagine you have a 1000 pictures in the original and 300 accidentaly renamed... I can see two ways these can be restored to original filenames (provided the contents are identical) - that's via checksums or possibly filesizes. I do understand what you're saying, and that the current version of Beyond Compare can't do what I'm asking for. My suggestion is to maybe put it on the wishlist for future developments for Beyond Compare! Thanks. Greg.


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        Re: Comparing files solely based on file sizes


        I suggest the following:

        1. compare the two folders
        2. display the CRC-column, order by CRC
        3. manually select all identical files on the left
        4. copy selected files to the right
        5. delete OOPSes

        Greetings Lutz


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          That works for now, still wishlist ;-)

          Hi there,
          Thanks for that. Yep that works manually, as Lutz has described. I'm still keen to see this feature automated in future versions of BC! ;-)

          thank you all!


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            Sounds like a two-fold request for the wishlist:
            • Provide a way for BC to pair files based on matched Filesize and CRC regardless of filenames.
            • Provide a way for BC to sync filenames from one side to the other (already on the wish list)
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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              Hi Michael - yep, sounds about right - thanks again everyone!


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                Scooter: Did pairing files in a folder compare based on Filesize & CRC make it to the wish list?
                BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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                  Yes, lining up duplicate files based on their contents is on the wishlist.
                  Zoë P Scooter Software