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  • Proxy Server / Firewall Settings

    Is there any guidance you can provide on the Firewall and Proxy Server settings - especially with Firewall Types and PASV Mode? The Help text is a little lacking on it.

    I have been using the FTP mode from home for my personal website, and it has been working well. (In fact, I now always use it instead of the old WS_FTP Lite my son installed.)

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    Re: Proxy Server / Firewall Settings

    The different proxy types and settings are really dependant on your network configuration. If you needed to use one of those you'd have to get specific information from either your ISP or network administrator.

    In the simple case where your firewall just doesn't allow incoming connections checking the PASV Mode option will usually be enough. You should try enabling PASV mode if you experience hangs when downloading or uploading files or when getting a directory listing.

    FTP downloads actually involve two connections, one to transfer the commands and one to retrieve the data. Normally you send the command to download the file and the server opens the data connection to send the contents back. If your firewall doesn't allow external connections that will fail and the transfer will hang. In passive transfers (PASV), your computer makes the data connection, which allows it to get past the firewall.
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