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Problem when switching between programs

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  • Problem when switching between programs

    I'm using v2.0.3 (Build 183) on XP Pro w/ SP1.

    If I am doing a file comparison using the file viewer, and then switch to another opened program (IE, Homesite, Macromedia, etc.) by clicking on the program in the task bar, when I return to BC, it shows the folder comparison. I have to click on "Window" in the toolbar then on the File Viewer window.

    I use Macromedia Homesite mainly for my development. And I use BC to do my file comparisons and usually I end doing some copying and pasting between the 2 programs. Hence my switching between programs.

    It's not something that is high on the important list but it is annoying and just adds frustration to my work.

    Is this something that is fixed in 2.1?
    I scanned through the bug fix list and didn't see it, but I might have missed it.

    Thanks :-)

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    Re: Problem when switching between programs

    If you use ALT-TAB to switch between applications, you will notice that there are not separate processes for the file comparisons.

    As a BC user, not a BC developer, I don't know exactly why they did it this way, but they did. I suspect it has to do with keeping control over the parent-to-child relationship between the related folder and file comparisons.

    If you just double-click between the two files you were comparing, the file viewer comes right back up where you left it.


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      Re: Problem when switching between programs

      You can use Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to cycle between BC's windows. Unfortunately, what you're seeing is a side effect of our low-level window management, and we won't be able to change it in 2.1. We are planning on switching to separate task bar entries in v3.
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        Re: Problem when switching between programs

        Thanks guys. I guess I can live with it until v3 comes around.