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Suggestion - Compressed file xfer

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  • Suggestion - Compressed file xfer

    I know it would probably be a bear to implement, but have you ever looked at dynamically compressing the files as they are xferred then unzipping them at the remote computer? I know this really is outside the scope of how BC operates, but we find ourselves using BC to copy very large data sets (tens of GB) to remote sites around the world, some which have very limited bandwidth. Nearly all files xferred in this process would significantly benefit from compression and save us hundreds of $$$ per month in bandwidth.

    Wondering if something like PsExec could be used so you didn't have to install a service or anything on the remote PC. If you are not familiar with PsTools (PsExec) check out However installing a service on the remote system that handled decompression would be no biggie for us.

    Hey, a man's gotta dream right?

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    Re: Suggestion - Compressed file xfer

    We are considering it, but I don't expect it to get added soon.
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