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Identical files, different sizes

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  • Identical files, different sizes


    I'm using the trial version of BC and it's an awesome program but I'm having a small problem. I'm syncing a folder on my home server with an Internet server (comparing size only) and it works great except on a few files. Even when I copy the file up using BC, it appears on the server as a slightly different size. Then it shows up red on a compare until I double-click it (for a side by side) then close it. Then it shows "=" (despite still being different sizes) until the next refresh.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Identical files, different sizes

    The size difference is because Windows and many ftp servers do not represent text files the same way. This can result in size differences.

    When you double click on the file, it opens it up for a Rules Based Comparison and finds the files are equivalent.

    Try changing your session settings to compare all files using a rules based comparison by selecting
    Session->Comparison Control
    and under the Compare Contents section select Rules Based Comparison.

    This should be a better comparison in your situation.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Identical files, different sizes

      Thanks Chris, but I think this was a different issue. The files I'm uploading are .php files, and for some reason I had to upload a handful of them in binary mode to avoid them becoming a different size on transfer. Any idea why that might be?


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        Re: Identical files, different sizes

        Ah, actually I see what you mean now. That does seem to be effective even when the file sizes are different. I still wonder why the sizes come up different when transferring a php file via ascii mode as opposed to binary, but I'm sure that's not a BC issue.

        Thanks again!


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          Re: Identical files, different sizes

          The size difference applies to any files uploaded in ASCII mode, which includes PHP files. To see the complete list check the FTP panel of the Options dialog; it's all of the extensions listed under "Transfer Type". If you aren't editing the files on the FTP server you may be able to just switch the transfer type to always use binary instead. That would allow a simple size comparison instead of a rules-based on.
          Zoë P Scooter Software