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Different Compare's some line up nicely, others are one line off??

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  • Different Compare's some line up nicely, others are one line off??

    Hello, I am working with Beyond Compare, I used Unsorted Alignment in settings which clean up a lot, some of the Different compare's line up nice, but other Different Compare's are a line off?
    Not sure what is wrong with them they look the same to me? Hope to have all the compare's all lined up. See screen shot, Thanks, Mike Pollock

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    The Table Compare's Session Settings, Alignment tab, "Unaligned" Alignment aligns row by row of your files, and does not perform any matching. The other selections in this dialog do. We have a Help article detailing each algorithm here:

    If you have a Key column defined (by default, Col1 is marked as a Key), then the key is used for the "Sorted Alignment" and must match exactly.
    Your screenshot is cropped, so it isn't possible to tell, but the top column headers would have a tiny key icon if one of the other columns is a Key, which would impact the alignment and should be disabled if it isn't applicable for these files by right clicking the header and switching to Standard or Unimportant.

    If you try each of the different alignment algorithms, does each (with closeness matching enabled or disabled) provide better results for these files?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Much Aaron, I will check out this link, someone else here was doing the same thing, but added a new column in doors absolute number and that straightened mine out also