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How to configure BC4 to "Open with... Parent Folder" in Windows 10 File Explorer

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  • How to configure BC4 to "Open with... Parent Folder" in Windows 10 File Explorer

    How to Configure BC4 to "Open with... Parent Folder" in Windows Explorer in Windows 10

    I frequently need to open the containing (parent) FOLDER for files displayed in BC4 Folder Compare.

    Presently, I navigate to the folder containing the file for which I want to open parent folder, but then I must navigate upward and right click and say "Open with ..." and select "Associated Application". This is a few extra steps that are time consuming, because I may do this several times per day.

    I want to configure an "Open with..." option to open the file's parent folder (in Windows Explorer), NOT the viewer or editor for the selected file(s).

    I tried various options, but cannot get it to work. If I set the "Command Line" parameter to Windows Explorer executable (Explorer.exe) by itself, it does not work.

    I tried the %P (relative path) and %p (absolute path) with the the <parent folder> or <base folder> selected, but it did not work.

    QUESTION: How do I configure this mouse right-click option and assign a keyboard shortcut in Beyond Compare 4?

    ANSWER: Through trial and error I figured out what the exact syntax and parameter settings are for the fields "Command Line", "Working Folder" and "Accepts Files" and "Accepts Folders" options.

    Description: Folder in Windows File Explorer
    Shortcut: Alt-F
    Command line: C:\Windows\explorer.exe %P <<< enter this without quotes >>>
    Working folder: BLANK
    Accepts file: CHECKED
    Accepts folders: CHECKED

    The relative path (%P) argument is needed alone (WITHOUT THE FILENAME OR FILE EXTENSION) on the command line to get this to work.
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    I think you are mostly there. I'd start by creating the Locate in Explorer version here:

    Then clone that and create a cloned copy named "Locate Parent in Explorer" and swap "%f" for "%p". Quotes are important around the item to capture any whitespace in the path.
    Aaron P Scooter Software