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How to keep folders in sync with latest n files?

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  • Aaron
    Right, you've basically got it, both in our lack of this feature and the closest workaround. BC4 doesn't have an N Newest filter, so you have to use the Date filter range instead, which will take all the files of a specific date range instead of just the newest 10 count.

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  • How to keep folders in sync with latest n files?

    Hi All,

    Right now I use beyond compare to keep my drop zone up to date by using following script periodically:

    load "Source Location" "Destination location"
    filter "my filter"
    sync mirror:left->right

    This is working perfectly fine and as and when there is new file in source it gets copied to destination.

    But once in a while I need to update my filter to ignore old files. I have morethan 20 odd such scripts

    My Question is: Is there a way to keep only latest n number of files at destination?
    Eg: I need latest 10 files

    Yesterday Source got 1-10 files so destination got 1-10 files
    Today I have 1-12 files at source ​so destination should have 3-12 (mean, script should copy 11 and 12 and delete 1,2 in destination)

    If it is not possible for files, I am fine with dates too like keep only last 1 month files - Which will delete all older files in destination and copy latest files from source..