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Need some sort of "Progress" meter (Or...? )

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  • Need some sort of "Progress" meter (Or...? )

    OK, we are running the trial version.... (we're testing it...)

    But, when testing the product, we've noticed a little problem. The program begins to display the file lists as soon as it runs. As more files are analyzed, they're added to the dual pane view. This is all well and good.
    We're testing the product for a possible server migration at a....LARGE..... facility.
    We've got thousands of files, some (OK, a LOT) are over 100Mb. It takes the program quite a while to chew through the pile. The only "problem" is that we do not know when the program is "done".

    Need to include either a progress bar (hard to code...) or some sort of "I'm still thinking about this" widget to indicate the current state of the program.

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    Re: Need some sort of \"Progress\" meter (Or...? )

    Are you looking for progress on the current file's comparison, or progress of the entire comparison of all files?

    If you look at the middle between the two sides, there should be an = sign or not equal sign between each file on two sides that shows up as each file is compared. You can track progress by watching where the signs show up. Also, to figure out if the whole thing is done, there is a cancel button (a circle with an X in it). While the files are being compared, the cancel button should be red. Once the comparison is done, it should be greyed out.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Need some sort of \"Progress\" meter (Or...? )

      In addition to Chris's comments, you could also switch from using the background process to using the "Compare Contents" command in the "Actions" menu. That does the comparison in the foreground and displays a modal dialog with progress information.
      Zoë P Scooter Software