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Comparing files with only unimportant differences

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  • Comparing files with only unimportant differences

    I'm comparing 2 java class-files using the jad-plugin.
    The only difference between the 2 java-files is an extra comment in one of them,
    When i compare them, this line is marked in <font color="blue"> blue</font> denoting that it's only a unimportant difference. So far so good.
    The problem is that the file itself is still marked as different in the directory compare windows. So i still have to open the file compare only to find out that the difference was marked as unimportant.
    I've already enabled the Option to ignore unimportant differences in the directory compare window. Which shows me the double wiggle for really unimportant differnent files. But this does not seem to work when comparing two unimportant different class files.
    I will try to send in a snapshot to clearly state what i mean

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    Re: Comparing files with only unimportant differen

    Are you using a rules based comparison in the Folder Viewer?
    If you aren't, it won't use the decompiler to compare the contents of the file.
    Chris K Scooter Software