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  • compare folder names to file names

    Hi there,
    How do I compare folder names to file names.

    I want to line up folders and files with identical name so i can quickly select and copy the matching files to a separate folder.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    We do not have a method to align folders to files within the Folder Compare session type.

    You can, however, select all of your folders on one side and use Copy Filename. Then open a new tab to a Text Compare and Open Clipboard on the left side. Go back to the previous Folder Compare and select all of your files on the right side and Copy Filename, then back to the Text Compare, click onto the right side, and File menu -> Open Clipboard.

    Are the file paths sufficiently similar so that they align and match as you expect? We could also define a grammar item to help if it is needed.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Dave,

      if you use the Pro edition you can try this:

      If your files have a unique extension (i. E. iso), add this extension to the Zip-mask of "Tools > Options > Folder Views > Archive associations".

      In the "Folder Compare - Session Settings > Handling > Archive handling" select "As folders always" and in "Folder Compare - Session Settings > Misc > Alignment overrides" add "Align ..." "*.iso" "with ..." "*".

      If you can't expand the *.iso you can copy the folders or install an additional Plug-in (Tools > Options > Folder Views, click Add Plug-in) to expand the iso and copy the files from the other side.

      Greetings Lutz


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        Lutz's suggestion can also be done in BC2 if you use the Tools menu -> Options dialog, General section to add to the Archive Associations (restart BC2 after editing), and using the right click -> Align With option in the main Directory Viewer.

        Are your files an archive type that could be theoretically treated as a folder?

        If you wanted to try the same workflow with BC3, you can install the trial without removing or altering BC2. This way you can fully test it to see if it meets your needs before purchase is necessary.
        Aaron P Scooter Software