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Compare Folders Only, limit depth?

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  • Compare Folders Only, limit depth?

    We have a standard directory structure that we have implimented on our file servers. This structure is standardized down to the 2nd level of folders, anything below that level I don't care about. I'd like to be able to use BC to verify that the proper folders exist on a server, but only to the 2nd level and only for folders (Though there should be no files, I don't care about file differences for this comparision). Even better would be if I should use a snapshot of the "gold" directory structure for the comparision.

    Can I do this with BC and I'm just missing the way to do this?

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    Re: Compare Folders Only, limit depth?

    The filter:
    Should ignore all files, and all folders more than two deep.

    You should be able to load a snapshot against the server, use this filter along with "Always Show Folders" and then just look for orphan folders.
    Chris K Scooter Software