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Data Viewer vs File Viewer alignment

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  • Data Viewer vs File Viewer alignment

    I think I have tried every possible rule editing in File Viewer and can't get records to align properly. Data Viewer does it fine, but then I can't create an HTML report like I can in File Viewer. Current reporting options in Data Viewer dont work for me. I'm using the latest stuff.

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    Re: Data Viewer vs File Viewer alignment

    Solved it.
    In another thread...

    To use only the first 23 columns for aligment:
    In the File Viewer, select Tools -> Pick Rules -> New Rules....

    On the General tab, enter appropriate Name and Associated with values.

    On the Importance tab:
    - Click New in the Unimportant Text section.
    - Change the Category to Columns.
    - Enter '24' as the Start Column and check stopping at end of line.
    - Click OK.

    On the Alignment tab, check Never align mismatches.
    Click OK.

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