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Different results between script and GUI

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  • wwweeesss
    Re: Different results between script and GUI

    Thanks, that is what I will do.

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  • chrroe
    Re: Different results between script and GUI

    Hi Wes!

    From the BC Helpfile (Scripting Reference):

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">In Antwort auf:</font><hr />
    REPORT (deprecated)

    This command has been deprecated and will not be updated to support new reporting features. Use FILE-REPORT or FOLDER-REPORT instead.



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  • Zoë
    Re: Different results between script and GUI

    Scripts don't have "display filters" in the same way that the GUI does. I'm guessing if you change your display filter to "Show All" rather than "Just Differences" you'll see the same numbers.

    Assuming that's the case, you can get the behavior you want by changing your select statement to:
    select newer.files older.files diff.files orphan.files

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  • wwweeesss
    started a topic Different results between script and GUI

    Different results between script and GUI

    I have a saved session that I am loading in my batch file for a comparison. If I go into the GUI and load that session, after expanding all folders and selecting all files, I have 254 files select for comparison. When I run this comparison via my script, it finds 1,788 files to compare.

    My batch file is simple:
    BC2.exe @C:\Apps\Sync\PRDArchiveToACILH508Report.txt

    In the PRDArchiveToACILH508Report.txt file I have:
    load PRDArchiveToACILH508Report
    expand all
    select all.files
    compare binary
    report format:50d output:J:\sync\reports\VII\daily\reports\PRDArchiv eToACILH508Report.html;h

    In the session itself under Comparison Control I am selecting TimeStamps and Size Alone and Automatically scan subfolders in background.

    I can't duplicate the results I see when the script runs in the GUI so I'm not sure what is happening. I am trying to reduce the runtime and have it only compare the 254 files I see as different in the GUI, rather than the 1,788 it is going through via my batch job.

    Am I making a bad assumption that the loading of the session should also load comparison criteria?