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Using time and date filter when comparing files

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  • Using time and date filter when comparing files

    I am having problem with trying to use script to compare 2 files with time and date filter. The script below will work but it does not have time filter:

    text-report layout:xml options:display-mismatches title:"File Comparison Report" output-to:%3 %1 %2 - Works but have no time filter

    I tried this below, and it does not work. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

    text-report layout:xml options:display-mismatches timestamp:9999999999sec title:"File Comparison Report" output-to:%3 %1 %2 - Don't work

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    Tam-Thai also emailed us, which I responded to back on the 8th. Here's the initial email converstaion which addressed his issue:

    Hello Tam,

    The timestamp you are referring to is a text value inside of the file. The timestamp settings you have been altering are for the Last Modified time of the file (the timestamp shown in My Computer or Explorer).

    You can create a custom rule to ignore customized text within a text file. I recommend doing with with the graphical interface first, and you can then set those settings to be used automatically.

    Open your text files with the graphical interface. Then go to the Tools menu -> File Formats, and pick your format for these files (you may need to create one to be used automatically).

    Go to the grammar tab, and add a new Grammar element.
    Give it a name ("CustomTimestamp"), and define it as
    check as Regular Expression.

    Set the file mask so that this File Format is used automatically for your files, and reopen them. Go to the Session Settings: Importance tab, and uncheck "CustomTimestamp". Click Ok.

    If the timestamp is now blue, then it is Unimportant, and can be Ignored. You can set this as default behavior on the Home screen, Edit session defaults folder: Text Compare, then Importance tab and uncheck "CustomeTimestamp".

    Your script will use criteria:Rules-based and you will need to set it to Ignore Unimportant Differences. If you have any trouble setting this up, please let us know. I recommend setting it up in the graphical interface first, since it must work there before you can create the script.

    Hope that helps anyone searching this post.
    Aaron P Scooter Software