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[Question]BC script/Win BAT to generate Reports for each file

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  • [Question]BC script/Win BAT to generate Reports for each file

    I have two folders as below:

    1.The Older one
    Files' name like:A(NO1).txt,B(NO1).txt,C(NO1).txt...
    2.The Newer one
    Files' name like:A.txt,B.txt,C.txt...

    I want to write a BC script/Win BAT to generate Reports for each file in the Newer folders.
    These Report display all contents in the *(NO1).txt and *.txt side-by-side with color.

    Any suggestion? Thank you in advance.

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    Beyond Compare 3 Pro has a new feature called Alignment Overrides. You set it up in the Session Settings and can define it to align *(NO1).txt to *.txt. This would then treat it as a normally aligned folder comparison (as if the files were named the same).

    You can download and install the trial from out download page. It can be installed at the same time as BC2 (by default, they install to separate folders and store settings in different locations).

    For BC2, you will need to align each file by name manually.
    You can use a bat file that calls
    bc2.exe @script.txt file1(NO1).txt file1.txt
    bc2.exe @script.txt file2(NO1).txt file2.txt
    bc2.exe @script.txt file3(NO1).txt file3.txt

    Then in script refer to the two file names with the variables %1 and %2.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software