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seperating different files

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  • seperating different files

    I'm using BC for comparing around 10000 files. I'm able to compare them & get the differences in a single text file.
    1. But now I want to sepearte all the files which are not matching into a seperate folder.
    2. Also, is there any way, I can set rule for a particular part in the file. For e.g I want to exclude all the mismatch on the third position of all the lines starting with the letter 'g' .

    Need help on this ASAP .

    Thanks & regards,

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    Hi Gaurav,

    To ignore differences in text files in BC2, you'll need to configure a file comparison rule. This can't be configured from a script, so open BC2. Select "Tools > Options". Go to the Rules section.

    In the Rules section, select an existing rule that matches the file extension of your files or click New to create a new rule. During a text comparison, BC starts at the top of the list and uses the first rule with a matching file extension. If you created a new rule, name the rule and enter a file mask, with multiple masks separated by semicolons, such as "*.c;*.cpp;*.h". To define differences to ignore, go to the Importance tab. In the Unimportant text section, click New. Select a category to match on the text you want to ignore, then click OK.

    In the Folder Viewer, make sure "View > Ignore Unimportant Differences" is turned on. This setting affects scripts, but it can't be set from scripts. With this setting on, the differences you defined when you created the file comparison rule will be treated as a match.

    Here's an example script that copies different files from the right folder of a two folder comparison into a third folder.

    criteria rules-based
    load c:\left c:\right
    expand all
    select rt.diff.files rt.orphan.files
    copyto rt path:base c:\differences
    Chris K Scooter Software