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    Is there a way to expand only one side of the compare fully?

    For example if I have one side with 10 directories and 5 files and one side with 1000 directories and 5000 files is takes a very long time to expand all. I'd like to expand only the directories that match the side with less.

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    Additionally is it possible to script BC to delete files as a result of the comparison?


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      Originally posted by Tolaria View Post
      Is there a way to expand only one side of the compare fully?
      In the GUI:

      Open the Handling tab under Session Settings. You can uncheck the "Expand subfolders when loading session" option. If you don't want any background scanning to occur at all, you can also uncheck the "Automatically scan subfolders in background" option. This will prevent any automatic scanning to kick in and tie up system resources. When you open the session, all subfolders will be collapsed. Now select all the folders on one side of the compare, right-click, and choose "Open subfolders" from the context menu. Only those folders, and the ones that align with them on the other side, will be expanded.

      If you want a solution for scripting, someone else will need to provide it as I don't do much with scripting.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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        Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I am looking to script this, I have a functioning script right now, but it takes a long time because it opens each and every folder on both sides. Hence why I'm looking to have it only open on one side to have the other match.


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          You can save a Session with Michael's suggested configuration, and load the session in script (assuming the same Windows User account is running the graphical interface and script).

          You can use the expand script command to expand a specific path.
          Alternatively, the scripting command expand all will not expand folders that have been filtered out, so you could set a filter to include only the folders/files you want, or to exclude the ones you do not want.

          How do these suggestions work for you?
          Aaron P Scooter Software