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report finds 'em, sync doesn't.

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  • report finds 'em, sync doesn't.

    Hello! If I run the below script for just a folder report, it shows me the differences from left to right or two folders and their sub-folders. However, if I set it to sync with either update or mirror, it doesn't find or do anything. Help!

    some folder names have been changed to protect the innocent.

    # Turn logging on
    log verbose "c:\push\Synclog-1a.txt"
    #set the comparison criteria
    criteria timestamp:2sec
    # Load the default session and exclude all but certain file types
    filter "-.\...\PDF\*.log;-.\...\PDF\*.pdf;-.\...\PDF\*.pcl;-testpage.htm;-.\HttpErrors\;-.\aspnet_client\"
    # Load the base folders
    load "c:\inetpub\WWWRoot" "\\moecurlylarry\c$\inetpub\wwwroot"
    expand all
    # Copy different files left to right
    #sync mirror:lt->rt
    folder-report layout:summary options:display-mismatches output-to:c:\push\report.txt

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    You mention folders and folder names in your description, but not files. Are you syncing folder structure without files present?

    If your folders are empty (due to actually being empty or filters applied hiding the items) you would need to use:
    sync create-empty mirror:lt->rt

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software