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  • Many Thanks!

    Just wanted to thank you for Beyond Compare. I absolutely could not work without it. I've been using it since the 1.X versions, and have often answered with your website when asked, "What's that compare thingy you use?".

    One of the best pieces of software I have ever used.

    -Happy long-time user.

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    Re: Many Thanks!

    Thanks for the compliments. We're always happy to hear from satisfied users.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Many Thanks!

      here here-- Beyond Compare rocks. Almost each time I use it (and boy do I use it a lot), I find yet another feature or use that makes my workflow easier. The other day I just realized I can right-click a file in Windows Explorer then navigate elsewhere and right click a second file with which to compare-- awesome!

      Since I do a lot of web work, the two coolest features are the ability to compare two remote FTP sites and image visual compare.

      Beyond Compare has become one of those essential tools (like EditPlus) without which I just can't function, and it's beyond inexpensive for the value it offers!


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        Re: Many Thanks!

        Totally agree !!

        The FTP-based compare is very cool, certainly makes upload website source code files very easy !!


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          Old School: Still finding new ways to use Beyond Compare!

          I still use Version 2.1.2 and am amazed that I never used the folder sync capability till now?

          I purchased your product for version control issues in 2004; I use it to review and compare previous versions of my software changes in solving any newly acquired bugs or failures.

          It's fantastic this way, cause I have 5 different database driven websites all of which are sharing the same code written in SQL, RDL, ADO, XML, XSL, DOM, CSS, ASP, VB, and JavaScript.

          With Beyond Compare I am able to speed through my work knowing I can always review just my changes.

          Lately I have been working off-site with an expensive laptop where I make changes, updates and use FTP Commander (another great product) for making changes at my hosting sites. Uh: I guess I could use your product for this if map a network drive?

          But anyway, 4 years later: I keep my PC and laptop in sync using your product and will now start using it as my backup tool to another smart drive.

          NOTE: I also use an amazing product from 1999 called "Gaspy 2.1b" by Merlion Software who as since gone out of business? Can't find them anywhere!
          But their product is an editor which multi-colors the fonts based on the application syntax for SQL, RDL, XML, XSL, CSS, ASP, VB, and JavaScript (file extensions).

          Image seeing all strings, reserve words, control symbols, request, response, session, application, server, includes, scripts, and comments all highlighted and distinctly visible for clear programming and instant error display.

          Between this product and yours I'm able to program at the lowest levels and confidently speed through changes, enhancements, etc with confidence!


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            Hi CoachJames,

            Thanks for the compliments, we're glad you like BC.

            BC2 actually already supports FTP comparisons, no drive mapping needed. You can either enter a path directly in the path edits, like "ftp://[email protected]/" or you can use the browse button to the right of the path edits and switch to the "FTP" tab.
            Zoë P Scooter Software


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              In addition, BC2.x updates are free for 2.x licenses. Feel free to upgrade to the latest 2.5.2 from our downloads page.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                If you think BC2 rocks, try the BC3 beta!
                It double-rocks!
                BC v4.0.7 build 19761