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  • Subversion

    Subversion does not include built-in support for the SCC API, so the source control options will show "No Providers Detected". These are the projects I know of that add support for it. The two commercial products are more polished than the open source/free ones.

    If you have TortoiseSVN installed you can also access its menus directly from the "Explorer" submenu in BC. The Explorer submenu is available in the folder compare's "Actions" menu in BC2 and BC3 and in the file viewers' "File" submenu in BC3.
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    Re: Subversion

    Hi Craig

    I've tried SVNScc and PushOK SVN SCC.

    SVNScc doesn't seem to work at all, whereas PushOK links up to the repository and I can view file properties (from the repository) and show a full project history. However, I cannot see the history of one file at a time, and I cannot compare revisions. Has anybody else tried any of these?


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      Re: Subversion

      I've configured BC to be my default diff viewer for TortoiseSVN. This is a dream come true.

      HOWEVER. The problems I'm having is getting a unified diff to work worth a plug nickel. The base functionality built into SVN/TortoiseSVN leaves a LOT to be desired. I've implemented the SVN.bat + svn config file changes, and I'm kinda underwhelmed with the result, especially when comparing two revs of a project.

      All I get is BC popping up for every file that Tortoise finds different between the two revs, binary and otherwise. This results in a lot of clicking on the X button and no real work getting done.

      I know I can check out a previous rev to another folder and then use bc to compare the two folders, and I'm "fixin" to punt and do that right now, but it would be really nice if BC2 could plug in and create output for a unified diff - the output would be SO much better.

      Maybe the problem is actually SVN/Tortoise, but one thing hampering me is the dearth of command line docs for BC2. I've read the help, but I don't see the command line diagrammed out - something like :
      Usage :
         bc2 [options] [param1] [param2]...
      Where :
            /?, /h     = blah blah blah
            /a         = blah blah blah
            param1     = ipsum dipsum do.
            param2     = flotsam jetsam sue.
      And it would be nice if when you typed bc2 /h or bc2 /? you got something other than the program launching (like the useage above?)

      In any case, is a unified diff possible with the current state of BC/SVN/Tortoise?

      If so, how do you do it? If not, what would need to change?


      Greg H


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        Re: Subversion

        Hi Greg,

        The command line switches in Beyond Compare are fully documented in the help file in the "Command Line and Scripting" category, specifically the "Command Line Switches" page. I'll add a wishlist item to include a console output option too.

        We haven't used Subversion or TortoiseSVN's Unified Diff support. Is it intended to call BC to produce the unified diff output? If so, where can we find more information on it?

        If you are in fact trying to produce a unified diff patch from BC and feed it into Subversion, you'll probably need to write a BC script that accepts a couple of command line arguments and uses the FILE-REPORT command to generate the output. If the results need to be appended to a file or written to STDOUT you'll need to wrap the call to BC in a batch file that handles that bit.
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          Re: Subversion

          To do this in TSVN : open the log viewer on the folder you want to diff, select the two revisions you want to diff, and select "View as unified diff" from the context menu. I use Notepad2 as my uDiff viewer (no offense to BC2, it's nice and light and works).

          A standard "diff" operation in TSVN assumes that you want to compare each file individually, as the tool is rather more geared towards the GUI than the *nix command line.

          Using this menu item is equivalent to
          (in the working copy you want to study)
          svn diff -r <revno>:<other_revno>

          Which will spit a uDiff to STDOUT, expect that TSVN will pipe the output to a temp file and open it with the user-configured viewer.


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            Re: Subversion

            any update on beyond compare supporting the unified diff option in tortoiseSVN?
            also, has there been any development on integrating "svn blame" info as a new column in the beyond compare html diff report?



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              udiff is a little bit complicated to read for some people which are not familar with the format. I've written a small script which prepares the udiff Text for BC3. So it coul be read like a normal diff of two files. Is it possible to write a small plugin for BC3 which automates the process?



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                Hi Michael,

                BC3 doesn't currently support plug-ins. You can set up an external program to convert files before comparing them, but it can't take one file and producea 2-file comparison. What kind of support were you hoping to add?
                Zoë P Scooter Software


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                  Hi Craig,

                  in our company subversion sometimes produces unified diff text files. To reduce support to read this diff, I wrote a script that generates two files, diff them with BC3 (html output) and display the output with a browser. My intention was that double click on a udiff file should open bc3. The plugin should do the splitting and BC3 should do the display job.
                  But when there's no other way a external program should also be an option but not the perfect one.



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                    So you're trying to launch them from Explorer, not BC, right?

                    In that case just associate the udiff files with your own script and have it split the output into two files before calling BC.
                    Zoë P Scooter Software


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                      You're right. That's the way I do. Like i mentioned, I'm not the only one who's using the script (150+ users). But each app has to be rolled out seperately and if there's a way to reduce the total count of (rollout) apps this would be fine.