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I still don't get it

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  • I still don't get it

    Even after having read the FAQs and knowledge base articles, I still don't get the idea behind BC's integration of version control.

    The only reason I would use it for is to do a compare between a folder on my filesystem and the version of it in my source control ( VSS ) and then checking accordingly my local files, etc...

    I read the FAQ and it said that BC doesn't do that!

    So why would anyone use the integration?

    Please tell me, I am confused.

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    Re: I still don\'t get it

    We would eventually like to display the version control repository in one pane and the working copy in the other.

    In the current version, BC can display version control status (checked-out, etc) if you add the Status column to the Folder Viewer display.

    You can also use the Source Control menu to check-in and check-out files in your working directory.

    The integration can also automatically check out a file if you start editing a file in the file viewer that isn't checked out.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: I still don\'t get it

      I tend to agree with the "I don't get it".

      I won't ever use BC to check out/in files or use the source control integration. I have a dedicated source control client for that (tortoise svn) and that client's ability to use Beyond Compare as the diff tool is more than sufficient.

      It seems every development tool I have tries to offer check-in/check-out from source control. The thing I've loved about BC is that it doesn't try to be the end all be all tool for everything. I'd hate for it to become so feature bloated that it makes it difficult to use the bread/butter comparison purpose of the tool - or worse, takes development time away from making the comparison better.

      Now, with that said, I think there are source control integration features that could be useful from within the comparison such as

      - see any comment that went in to that version of the file, see
      - see the version number of the file that is being compared
      - see who committed the file and when

      Basically, retrieve/use information about the files to provide a better comparison experience.



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        Re: I still don\'t get it

        Hi Bob,

        Thank you for the suggestions. They sound very useful, and we'll definitely consider them for future development of our version control support.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Re: I still don\'t get it

          Actually, I "get it" perfectly fine I was real excited when I learned I can check out files from BC without having to go to my SCC Provider and checking out from there.

          Quite often we plunder code from one of our teams to the other. So it's easy for me to do a folder-diff, and bring over the stuff I want and have BC automagically check the file out for me that I'm modifying. Saves me a lot of back-and-forthing especially since Perforce doesn't make a "granular" and "selective" merge very easy