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Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

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  • Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

    I compared/synchronised two folder (-structures) one of which is marked SCC in BC and I could not overwrite the files in that folder UNLESS I checked out those files first. No matter how hard I tried all the options presented to me, it would not proceed without the checkout.

    When BC asks if I want to check out the file(s) and I answer NO, should BC then not proceed and just blat over it without checking out?


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    Re: Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

    No - if it is in an SCC folder and it is not checked out, the file is read-only, so BC writing over it would be completely unacceptable behavior.


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      Re: Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

      This is intended behavior.

      Before editing files under version control, you should check them out. This is why BC doesn't change the files when you say no to the checkout prompt.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Re: Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

        "completely unacceptable behavior" ???

        Wow, that sounds severe.
        Surely version control is a tool and not a law?

        I just wished BC had an ignore option. But I'll resign myself to the fact I can no longer use BC for certain tasks. Lest I disable version control.


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          Re: Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

          As I understand it, the general workflow for "checkout-edit-checkin" (SourceSafe, etc) style version control generally doesn't include editing files unless they're checked out.

          What version control tool do you use? Are you using an "Edit-merge-commit/CVS style tool?

          Please describe your version control process that requires changing files without checking them out first.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Re: Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

            Well, seeing as you asked;

            Sometimes as a developer I am just experimenting with the code. Most likely while looking how to add in a new feature.
            While I do this, I often go round the houses and wish not to stop other developers from checking out/in those files affected for bug fixing, so I tend to make local (uncontrolled) changes only.
            Once I am happy with the work I've done - or just the opposite - I want to find out which files I've changed and how significant these changes are. Because our CVS (VSS) does not show you if the tips differ from one's local copies (like MKS and others do) I resolve the issue by renaming my local workfolder and resynching the project from CVS. Then I use BC to compare the two folders and see which changes I am happy to commit and which changes can be / should be undone.

            This is what I was doing when I stumbled across this 'problem'.

            But I kind of getting the vibe that I am the only one that has this 'problem' so I think we should put this one to sleep. Else this could be a debate on opinions where we should just agree to disagree.



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              Re: Cannot overwrite files in SCC folders

              In case this helps in your situation, BC only uses that prompt if the files are both checked in and have the read-only attribute set. If you clear the read-only attribute before trying to copy the files it won't prompt and will just overwrite them. The file viewer allows/disallows editing using the same states.
              Zoë P Scooter Software