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    I'm working on a project with people separated by as much as 14 hrs and would like to share a CVS via the web. None of us have a server but use IP supplied space for storing files to share. Naturally, this does not work well if more than one is working on a specfic file.

    Can any one recommend an inexpensive (free) CVS that I can install on my web space and the others work with it?

    I'm not even sure I've asked the right questions on this as my previous experience with CVS was run by people whose full time job was the CVS and files.

    RON C

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    Re: CVS on web

    Code Co-op might be worth evaluating. They provide support for version control using email to transfer changes.

    Internally we use Subversion. If you don't have control over your own server it might not be something that you can use.
    Chris K Scooter Software