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ClearCase and Check-in/Check-out

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  • ClearCase and Check-in/Check-out

    the release note says:
    - This release is named 2.4
    - Overview
    - Added support for checking in and out of most version control systems.

    but when I copy files to a clear case drive that will override existing files, there is no prompt for checkout
    do I need to configure this some how?

    thanks for a great program

    PS I am on BC241

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    Re: ClearCase and Check-in/Check-out

    I haven't tested with ClearCase, but with other version control systems (SourceSafe 2005) it should prompt you, and I think ClearCase should work similarly.


    Left Side: ClearCase working folder. Right Side: updated files.

    If you copy the new files to the ClearCase working folder, it should prompt with a confirmation dialog that says, "c:\file.txt The file is under source control and is read-only. Would you like to check it out?".

    If you aren't getting the prompt, you might not have the ClearCase working directory configured properly.

    If you right click on the ClearCase working directory files, does BC display a Source Control menu? If not, you'll need to add the working directory to the SCC section of BC's Tools|Options dialog.
    Chris K Scooter Software