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VSS "Check Out" Does not do a "Get Latest"

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  • VSS "Check Out" Does not do a "Get Latest"

    We typically create new projects in VSS in order to branch our software. So, we'll have "Branch 4" which has been released to the field, and "Branch 5" which is in development.

    Our developers may add new features in Branch 4 and then have to synch them up with Branch 5, or vice versa.

    We love the integration of BC with VSS, but we've noticed one problem that has caused us to sometimes screw up our code.

    When BC does a "Check Out", it does not do a "Get Latest" at the same time (despite the fact that that's how our VSS is set up to work).

    This can cause a developer to inadvertently merge his/her changes into a "stale" code module. Upon check-in, the previous changes in that module are wiped out because the code that was diff'ed was stale.

    Is there any way to change this behavior in BC?

    BTW - BC rocks! It's the very first tool I install whenever I'm setting up a new development box, and I have recommended it to friends and colleagues for years.

    Also, you guys need to raise the price...$30 is way too cheap for a piece of software that saves me so much time. Raise the price to at least $50, and it would still be a bargain.

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    Re: VSS \"Check Out\" Does not do a \"Get Latest\"


    Thanks for the suggestion. It isn't possible to change this behavior in BC 2.5.1, but combining "Get Latest" with "Check Out" is on our wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare.

    Also, thanks for the pricing suggestion. When we release version 3 we plan to have a standard and pro version, and the pro version (with 3-way merge and SCC support) will be more expensive than BC2.
    Chris K Scooter Software