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Compare View - Rules - to show specific text even if the same?

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  • Compare View - Rules - to show specific text even if the same?


    I'm comparing two files and can see the differences marked on the left bar (red/orange) and in the files.

    Is it possible however to show specific keywords (in a different colour (say blue)) in the left bar even if they are the same in the two files?

    for example:
    Public sub qwerty()                 Public sub qwerty()
    abc                                 bde
    end sub                             end sub

    In this case I would like to have a rule that shows " sub " in the left bar as a blue line.

    This would allow me, in this case, to easily identify start/end of different subs within the same code module.

    There can be many subs with many lines...

    Many thanks in advance,

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    My suggestion would be to use Show Context, and set the number of context lines in the Options dialog to cover the distance needed to include the information you want to preview. This is the designed purpose of Show Context.

    Show Context is an additional toggle in the toolbar, allowing you to quickly, easily toggle it on or off as needed.

    We don't have a method to define and override the display filter with a specific text rule. The closest behavior would be to define two different file formats, then define the specific Keywords with a Different grammar name ("KeywordLeftFile" vs. "KeywordRightFile"). A difference in grammar name would mark these keywords as Different, even if the text itself is the same, so it would be an Important or Unimportant difference, as defined by the Session Settings of the Text Compare.
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