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How to keep or exchange Rules?

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  • How to keep or exchange Rules?

    How can I prepair, reuse or exchange with others my compare settings, "with the detailed rules, such as Importance filters etc".
    I tried:
    - 1. export import session, share session --> detailed settings such as Importance rules go lost. Depending on these "save as session defaults" the settings do reappear but somehow not reliably.
    - 2. scripting,
    a) there seems no example how to set the Importance rules by script,
    b) there is no example how to open the beyond compare gui from a script with changing settings,
    c) I can refer to sessions from script, but these are fixed to the files I was comparing, and also loose the Importance filters, how can I say I want these rules but for the new files.

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    Hello ahmed,

    The export would need to include the File Formats (defines the Grammar Element) and the Session (either default or saved sessions).

    Most commonly, scripting will use the default session settings. This can be updated per script call by using a Portable Install and altering the BCSetting .xml files before calling script.

    Alternatively, the script can only load a saved Folder Compare, which via the gui can have saved child session settings of Importance. This is setup in the interface by loading a saved Folder Compare, double click a pair of files, go to the Session menu -> Session Settings dialog of the child session and after updating change from "use for this view only" to "Use for all/these files in parent session" and then re-save the parent session.

    Does that get you up and running?
    Aaron P Scooter Software