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Losing Additional File Formats on Close?

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  • Losing Additional File Formats on Close?

    Hi. I created some new file formats to use with custom xml files. They work beautifully. However, when I close Beyond Compare and then open it, my file formats disappear. I can reimport them easily because I still have the bcpkg file they came from. Sometimes I get an error when I try to import them saying that those file formats already exist. When that happens, I just close out of the importer and I'm good to go. Other times I have to go through the whole import to get my file formats back.

    This happened with file formats that I downloaded from your site as well, so I know it's not an issue with the way I set mine up.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Hi Chavamd,

    This can happen if your settings files are read-only.

    To check your settings, run Beyond Compare 3, then select "Help > Support". Click the "Explore settings folder" link.

    File Formats are stored in the file "BCFileFormats.xml". Make sure your user account has write access to this file, otherwise it won't retain settings changes the next time you run Beyond Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Ah, that does make sense. The settings folder is located in my C drive, so Beyond Compare needs administrator rights to make changes. Since I'm not running it as Administrator, it's not writing it. It's not asking me for permissions though. Is that a bug?


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        No, Beyond Compare is technically capable of running of read-only media, like a CDROM. Our default install directory is Program Files, while placing your settings in your user's AppData directory. Your AppData directory should always have read/write permissions for your user account.

        Did you create a Portable Install and place it into a protected area (like Program Files)? Windows is designed to try and prevent writing to this location, which is why we also try to have our installer prevent a Portable Install to this location. I would recommend using the default locations, or creating a Portable Install in a location where Administrator access isn't needed (in a C:\Tools subfolder, or your user's Desktop?).
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Sorry it took so long to see this. I installed it a very long time ago, so I don't really remember what kind of install I did. It is installed in program files x86.

          I ran it as Administrator, imported the file formats, and then closed it. Then when I reopened it, the file formats were still there.


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            Normally, Administrator rights shouldn't be needed to edit your own %AppData% directory. If you launch the application, go to Help -> Support, and click the blue link to Explore Settings Folder, where does this take you on your system? Into Program Files or Install directory, or into your AppData?
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              It took me into Program Files


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                This would be "bad". That's a portable install into Program Files. Please go into program files and move any BCSetting.xmls (BCState.xml, BCSessions.xml, etc) to a temp folder on your desktop, then relaunch the application.

                This should generate the .xmls into your AppData directory instead. Since they are fresh, you can then use the Tools menu -> Import wizard and point at the .xmls in your temp desktop folder with your old settings.
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  This worked. Did I do something wrong when I set up the application that caused this to happen? My coworker had the same issue...


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                    Our Setup.exe is designed to prevent you from selecting Portable Install, and then pointing into Program Files. If BCState.xml was created manually, or the entire folder copied into place, this could have caused it to be here. Do you remember your deployment method? It's possible we have a bug under specific circumstances.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software


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                      I installed it over a year ago, so I don't really know. I don't think I would've created a portable install though; I did not intend for it to be portable.


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                        I had the very same issue.

                        I removed a previous personal license install and replaced it with a corporate license install.

                        My colleague had the very same issue.

                        There may be a bug when you change from one license to another?




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                          Moving the BC3Key.txt shouldn't impact where BCState.xml is located. The location of BCState.xml determines if it is a Portable Install or regular install, while the BC3Key in either location will register the application.
                          Aaron P Scooter Software