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Different Unimportant Differences settings for different batches of files

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  • Different Unimportant Differences settings for different batches of files

    Hi folks,
    I'm using BeyondCompare 3.3.5.

    I have files with differing unimportant difference needs. E.g. a difference may be important in one file but unimportant in another file.

    I'm using BeyondCompare within an automated test which compares multiple baseline versus build reports. The automated tests creates and runs BeyondCompare scripts to compare the files and produce reports. There are thousands of reports.

    I need to manage the different unimportant difference needs. My thoughts for this are to configure BeyondCompare grammar for each of the unimportant difference configurations, exporting the settings as a specifically named settings file then importing the required settings before running the compares for each batch of files.

    I don't yet have a way to automate the import of the required BeyondCompare settings. Does anyone have any suggestions for this or suggestions for different approaches?


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    Beyond Compare does not currently support customization of unimportance on the command line. The script loads the default session settings when performing a comparison, unless a saved Folder Compare session is loaded. Saved Folder Compare sessions can be customized to have specific child comparison settings; if this is an option we could pursue this setup to have a specific Folder Compare session with specific child session settings to control the importance.

    Otherwise, one other workaround is to use a Portable Install of BC3. You can then use an external script to edit the BCSessions.xml to customize the importance first, and then call the bcompare scripting with the newly customized settings.

    As a side note, all BC3.x updates are free for 3.x users, if you would like to update to the latest 3.3.13 release from our website, or the Help menu -> Check for Updates. You can use the latest installer to create a Portable Install during the setup wizard.
    Aaron P Scooter Software