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Ignore case for hex numbers

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  • Ignore case for hex numbers

    The stock C grammar flags differences between, say 0xf and 0xF.

    I don't wish to ignore case difference but one should agree that this is an unimportant difference (which it is currently set to).

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Tom

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    I found it: The 'Number' element of the grammar should NOT have "This element is case sensitive' checked.


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      Our default behavior is to mark this type of change as Important, but you can freely customize any of our default settings. If something like this comes up again, click the cursor into the offending text. Wherever the blinking cursor is placed, we will show the grammar element name in the bottom status bar of the element it is within (note: not a selection, but just a single click placement). This would let you know the element name, which you can then customize in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog -> select specific format, and edit the Grammars tab.
      Aaron P Scooter Software