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  • ignore orphan lines Grammar rule

    I run Beyond Compare to check test output match my template
    To do so I run from .bat file with /qc switch. All I need to know match or not
    So far it was working for me
    Now I have run Test cases for new type of Files
    I created in Beyond Compare new File format and Grammar rules for new File Format.
    However, the program that I am testing generate output not always in the same sequence
    Therefore, Beyond Compare cannot align all lines (which is understandable) and some lines will be orphans, which will cause match to fail.
    I would like to create create a rule to specify that orphans lines should be ignored and I need to compare only lines that were aligned.
    Can you help me
    Thank you

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    If the files are out of sequence, a common strategy is to run the file through an external conversion to sort. For example, see here for RESX files:

    We also have a "Sort" file format which you can assign to your file mask and use that automatically. I would recommend testing both strategies out in the graphical interface first. Once working there, we can help incorporate them into a scripted solution.

    The Table Compare is also capable of sorting on a defined Key column.

    We do not have a method of auto-ignoring all orphan files for /qc. If you use scripting you could generate a report, and then parse the the output (layout xml) for the specific data you need.
    Aaron P Scooter Software