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Trailing whitespace in comment

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  • Trailing whitespace in comment

    How can I make this unimportant without making comments themselves unimportant?

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    We don't have a way to do a conditional RegEx like that. I assume you do not want to mark all Trailing Whitespace as Unimportant (which you can do from the Session Settings->Importance tab).

    You could always have your own app that you run, that will run through and cut off the whitespace from comments before you open a particular file type, launched from the Conversion tab of File Formats
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      Marking all Trailing Whitespace as unimportant doesn't work. I think Comment importance overrides that.

      This is something I had become accustomed to in BC2. Embedded, Leading, and Trailing Whitespace could be classified as unimportant. Now they can be left unchecked in the Importance list but the effect is not the same as in BC2.

      As it stands now, for C/C++, embedded whitespace would typically be considered important for a string literal. In BC2 String Literals would override the Unimportant Text setting. BC3 has completely changed all of this...not that this is a bad thing.

      Without giving it nearly as much thought as you all probably have, it seems like I need to have the Embedded/Leading/Trailing setting on the Grammar Item dialog instead of the Importance tab.