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Data Compare - how to simplify in BC3

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  • Data Compare - how to simplify in BC3

    Not sure if this should be here or in General Discussions, or in format files....but:

    I'm missing the way the BC2 data compare worked. It would pop up the Rules screen and you could set the delimiter, etc., then do the compare.

    Is it possible to do this in BC3 - for a data compare? If I've missed how to turn this on (rules compare as the default) in the data compare settings, please let me know.


    We use a lot of pipe ("|") delimted files. In BC2 it worked well because I could right click on two of these files, do a data compare and was greeted by the rules screen. Now when I try this, it loads the files first, but the detection is not picking up that the files are pipe delimited (I think because the of file extension used on the files). I know I can create format files to handle specific extensions, but I think the ability to do a quick, ad hoc, data compare without having to delve into format files, was a great feature.


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    Simplifying compares

    Part of the problem is that from the FILE compare window, the Referee button is not hooked to the File Formats/Rules window.

    First thing I recommend is creating a hot-key for this window. Go to Tools menu > customize > scroll to "File Formats" and add a shortcut. I used "Alt+F".

    Next you are either going to have to create a new "data" type file format associated with your file extension (or *.*), set the delimiter option, and move it up as needed.

    You may also want to modify the default delimiter for the "Data Format"...lower left of File Formats window. That way if you create new Data Format "rules", at least the delimiter is preset.