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External Program operation in File Formats

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  • External Program operation in File Formats

    I have converted a BC2 rule to a BC3 file format. It runs an external .exe to perform some binary to test conversion.

    In BC2, the external programs are run sequentially. In BC3, they seem to run simultaneously. Something is wrong because only one of the outputs is ever generated. I think it is because the program sets some environment variables to run and both running at the same time causes problems.

    I understand that this in theory will speed up the conversion process, but is it possible to have the option to run sequentially?

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    Thanks for the report. Would it be possible to send your external conversion file for us to test here? You can send it (and any other files, such as example files it converts, and your BC to [email protected]

    And you are correct in your assessment of BC2 vs BC3. We will be looking into changing the default behavior.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The external conversion file runs a utility from another program to export some data for the comparison. This other program is 380MB and has a number of installation options that need to be configured, plus a sample project for that program. Basically, you could spend half a day trying to set up a valid test. Let me know if you really want to.

      An option to do either way would be great.