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  • File Formats window

    My main hopes for change had to do with handling of "Rules" in BC2. So here's some feedback for the lastest Beta version:

    1. "Grammar" window still a bit short. I can live with that, but it should be possible to open more space to see more of the text of the "rule". Currently resizing the window expands only the left pane. Fine, but I should be able to pull the middle back to the left to reveal more of the right side.

    2. I would like the ability to easily delete saved File Formats. I work with lots of saved sets of Grammar "rules" and need ability to quickly delete the old ones I no longer need. Can we add a "Warn?" check box right next to the Delete button under the File Formats? I like having the warning...I would even be ok with automatically re-checking (warn=yes) every time this window is closed (or opened). But, if I were taking out the trash, I could delete a lot quickly...similar to the way you can delete Grammar "rules".

    3. When creating new Grammar "rules", can BC3 remember what type you created last? That way you can quickly create several new of the same type? (Workaround for this is to clone the last one you created!)
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    File Format (Rules) editing

    When you open the File Formats (rules) window to edit a rule, I think the window should open with the detected rule selected automatically. Currently, the first format is always selected.

    Most of the time, if I'm opening this window it is because I need to do something with the current rule.

    Personally, I would love it if BC3 also remembered which Tab (General, Conversion, Grammar, Misc) was on top when I closed the window!! That way I can quickly add more "Grammar" rules as I need to.

    Also, after editing the "rules" for a format, can the "Close" button be enabled for use as a "save and close" option?