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Format masking.

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  • Format masking.

    At the moment, the behaviour seems to be masking on the filename only.

    Could you...
    1. Correct me if I'm wrong (I was sure I got this to work once)
    2. If not, is it possible to implement masking on the full path?

    e.g. - I'd quite like to be able to treat XML files differently if they happen to have an ancestor folder called (for example) Web_Root


    I realise that you can enable/disable formats on a per-session basis, and save this, but I use the context menu to compare files a lot, and don't want to disrupt sensible default settings.

    Another idea would be the ability to define an external command (or internal script, regex, etc) to detect file formats by examining content. On Linux, at least, the availability of the "magic" command would make this very useful and I'm sure I would find a lot of uses for it on Windows.

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    BC3 does support path masks.

    To match on xml files in a folder called Web_Root use:

    To match on xml files with an ancestor folder called Web_Root use:
    Erik Scooter Software


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      Aha, I saw the triple-dot thing somewhere else in the forum today, I should have tried it. Thanks!

      I still quite like the "magic" suggestion though.