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Timeout on import filters.

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  • Timeout on import filters.


    Could we have a feature where import filters (That pretty print input files or suchlike) have a timeout on them.

    I have a number of import filters configured, mostly to pretty print the files I am comparing, so that syntactically irrelevant differences are not shown, or so that important differences are more visible. The problem is that some of them have a tendency to crash or get stuck in an infinite loop if the input file is malformed or very complex, and this makes BC3 get stuck as well.

    To prevent this problem, I think it would be a good idea if there was a timeout on running import filters. After 10 seconds or so, BC3 would pop up a dialog, inform the user that the import filter was still running and did they want to kill it, or let it run a bit longer. If the users kills the import filter, then BC3 would revert to a plain text compare.