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Packaging a new file format

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  • Packaging a new file format

    How do I package a file format (as is done on the "Additional File Formats" web page) so that I can easily share it with coworkers?

    It looks like a .bcpkg file is just a zip file with BCFileFormats.xml and whatever Helpers files are needed. I tried to create a file following this format, but of the three helper files I included, only the first was extracted when a coworker tried to install my package.

    (Alternatively, has anyone created a file format handler for Delphi and C++Builder project files that can handle CodeGear's reordering elements, changing every build order reference when a file is inserted towards the beginning, and adding/removing whitespace?)

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    Hello Josh,

    You will want to setup your own Helpers/MyFileFormatSubFolder to contain all 3 of your custom files. Define a File Format, then use the Tools menu -> Export command. This should properly create a bcpkg and bring in all of your helper files.

    What command line are using in the External Conversion process?
    An example could be "wscript Helpers\mySubFolder\XLS_to_CSV_Single.vbs %s %t"

    I am currently writing a KB article about external conversions and Sorting involving this project on CodeProject, which may be useful in terms of references changing order and sorting:
    Aaron P Scooter Software