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  • Comparing php files

    Hi I'm a huge fan of BC and working with it for quite some time now.
    But I keep running against this problem.

    I compare 2 website folders against each other.
    99% of the files are php files.
    And for 99% they are the same.
    I use the "ignore unimportant Diffrences".
    But still I get 95% of the files in red, but when opening the files for compare, it shows no diffrences at all.
    And after closing that screen both files are black.

    What do I do wrong?
    I couldn't find the solution in this forum yet.

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    Is your Folder Compare configured to run a Rules-based comparison? By default, it would only compare the timestamp and size. Double-clicking on a file will cause a rules-based compare to run on that file, and will pass the results back to the Folder Compare.

    Here's a handy KB article detailing what is happening:

    Does that help answer your questions?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      I followed the instruction, but still In folder compare I see files which are the same with the black = in the center colomn.
      I disabled file size and date/time compare.

      I just want to see files who are diffrent and nothing more.


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        Have you selected "View > Show Differences" from the menu to only display different files?
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Yes I have.

          I've been using BC for 5 years or so.
          But this is something that always bugged me.
          And I do believe that is can be solved.
          But I just don't know how.


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            I'm not part of Team Scooter... and I haven't attempted to repro your issue... but have you tried configuring BC3 for a Rules-based quick compare under: Tools\Options\Startup?
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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              If you are now seeing files automatically with the black = in the center column, that is different than your initial report, where all your files were red and no center column was populated until after double clicking, correct?

              Would you be able to post a full screen screenshot, or email it to [email protected] (please include a link to this forum post if you choose to email us).
              Aaron P Scooter Software