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[Bug] switching File Format not shown in page info

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  • [Bug] switching File Format not shown in page info

    Text Compare.

    In build 437, if I switched to a different File Format, the page info at the top of each pane would reflect this. I always displayed the page info, precisely because I often switch (between HTML and CSS, or between HTML and PHP, for instance).

    In 439 this no longer happens - which is highly confusing when you switch between different File Formats to highlight different parts of the code.

    First screenshot shows the text compare with automatically-loaded 'PHP script' where I have set '(other)' (non-PHP code) as unimportant, so the HTML change at the top of the page shows as an unimportant change. The second screenshot shows the result after switching to HTML: now the new/missing first line shows as an important change (as intended) but page info still shows 'PHP Script' - it should be 'HTML'. (I had to cut out some strips to make the screenshots comply with image sizes...)

    Possibly the result of making showing page info the default? It should accurately display the currently active File Format, not the initially detected one.
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    Thanks for the bug report. This will be fixed in the next release.
    Erik Scooter Software


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      Hmm - I placed this in the general section because the bug is not with File Formats per se but in Text Compare.

      How about a Text Compare forum? There is already a Data compare one after all...


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        Organization still ongoing

        This is partly a test of moving threads as much as moving it. I was just trying to keep General as clear of things that couldn't be categorized in another sub-forum. I, or someone else, may well move it back if it doesn't seem to 'flow' down here.

        I'll bring up the idea of the Text Compare sub forum. While Wordpress was definetely restricting in it's topic creation, we don't want to go too overboard down here, subcategorizing things. We may end up replacing/exchanging topics, and mass moving posts and threads where appropriate over the next week, as we see where people like to post, and what they post about.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Fair enough - I was just a bit suprised, is all. Move it around all you like...

          But I thought I was missing a "Text Compare" forum (and a "Folder Compare" one!) as soon as I noticed only a "Data Compare" - long before this thread was moved. A "Feature requests" forum might be a good idea as well.
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