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  • A bit over-enthusiastic?

    I was seeing some funny effects with my halfway finished Apache File Format, with a rule matching things it shouldn't (though technically correct with the Grammar items I had in place), so I wanted to add a new item. A quick-and-dirty rule for a "path".

    Stupid me just typed something into a text field, and let it rip... and Cirrus enthusiastically goes to off to build the new grammar and do the compare... and it takes a bit long, I think. After waiting a bit more, I realize it's my own stupid new rule: it will match not only a path, it will match a null string, too. Quick-and-too-dirty.

    Well, OK, so I'll stop Cirrus loading and fix my regex ... but now I find I can't. Cirrus is polite enough to show me a tooltip for that blinking red/yellow button ("stop loading") and show something in the status bar ("stop comparison" or something) - why are those descriptions different? - and I can even depress either of the red stop buttons, but that's it. Cirrus is just way too busy finding all those null strings (and occasional paths), and has no time to listen to me. Then I try to just close the window - again the close button can be depressed, but Cirrus just doesn't listen.

    Ultimately, I have to kill it from Process Explorer.

    Try this brilliant regex somewhere to reproduce it:
    I know it's my own stupid regex that caused it - but shouldn't Cirrus look up every now and then to see if its master maybe depressed a button to tell it to stop doing what it's doing?

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    Thanks for the info. We are aware that under certain circumstances the canceled check doesn't happen frequently. We've added it to our ToDo List.

    I tried adding your rule as Path to the Apache rule you gave earlier. It didn't hang forever for me, but it did hang for a couple of minutes. Combine that with our previous hang test (for me under a minute, for you 14(?) minutes), and I can only guess that it would take 'too long' for you to recover from it (if Windows doesn't crash first from all that Virtual Memory management).
    Aaron P Scooter Software